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May 7, 2020

Fly Fishing Northern Colorado and the Cache la Poudre with Joe McHugh

Fly Fishing Northern Colorado and the Cache la Poudre with Joe McHugh

The Destination Angler Podcast – April 29, 2020

Our guest this week is expert fly-fishing guide, artist and musician, Joe McHugh of Ft Collins, CO, who shares why Northern Colorado and the Cache la Poudre should be on every fly fisher’s bucket list.  Joe walks us through the seasons on the Poudre and his top fly picks, including some killer soft hackle fly patterns and techniques.  As a bonus, we discuss fly fishing books of old and Joe’s thoughts on painting, fly-fishing, faith, and life.   

Contact Joe McHugh: to arrange a trip call St. Peter’s Fly Shop in Ft Collins (970) 498-8968 or visit their website: https://stpetes.com/.  To see Joe’s artwork and learn about his music visit  http://www.joemchughart.com/

Joe’s soft hackle fly resources: "Wet Flies" by Dave Hughes, "The Soft Hackled Fly" by Sylvester Nemes, and "The Soft Hackled Fly Addict" also by Nemes.  We’ll be posting pictures of his fly box on Facebook.

Joe’s great all-around fly fishing books for reading pleasure: "Fly Fishing" by Lord Grey, "Going Fishing" by N. Farson, "Fishless Days and Angling Nights" by Sparse Grey Hackle, "Where the Bright Waters Meet" by Harry Plunket Greene, "Thy Rod and Thy Creel" by Odell Shepard, "The Fly and the Fish" by Atherton, "A Summer on the Test" by Hills, "Remembrances of Rivers Past" by Schwiebert.

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As mentioned on the show, the fishing guide business has been decimated by the Coronavirus situation.   We've set up a special GoFundMe to raise money for Guides.   Please consider giving if you can.  Thank you.

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Recorded April 29, 2020.  Episode 4.

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