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Gods questions; great guest

I listened to the episode with Jerry Kustich, one of the infamous Boo Boys and an amazing writer. First, Good on the host for finding Jerry. He is an amazing and under appreciated fly fishing personality. There were great, thoughtful questions and answers that will keep anglers listening and learning.

Amazing fly fishing podcast

Each podcast has its own unique perspective of fly fishing as it discusses the exciting opportunities to explore rivers, streams, and lakes. Each time I listen to any podcast it makes me have the urge to get out and become closer to nature and of course hook and land some fish. Thank you Steve for connecting us to amazing stories and great information!

Excellent Fly Fishing podcast!

This is the best fly fishing podcast I’ve ever listened to. My wife discovered it while on a 14 hour drive from a Colorado ski trip back to our home in Texas. After listening to a few episodes, I canceled our motel stay and made it on home listening to one on trout, salmon and bears in Alaska. Steve does a great job hosting some outstanding guests. I haven’t heard one any better. I can’t wait to listen to more episodes on my way to some of these destinations!

Fantastic podcast for the traveling fly fisher!

I especially enjoy listening to Steve’s interviews with experienced guides that share their stories and expectations for fishing their home waters. Steve is a talented interviewer and as an angler himself, seeks answers to common questions his listeners may have that are planning to book new fishing adventures.

Excellent podcast!!

I am the owner of an adventure fishing company so when I came upon this podcast I had to give it a listen. I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism, but the content and the guests are what makes the show! This is a podcast to out on top of your stack!

Most interesting podcast ever

I love that this podcast goes so much deeper than just how to catch fish. Abe had some of the best stories, and insights about everything from bears to Secret Service agents on the trip, and of course trout. But the added bonus of his insights into photography and photographic composition were fascinating. 90 minutes just flew by

Best all-around fishing podcast on either side of the Pecos!

Over the last few years, I've listened to numerous fishing podcasts and this one--The Destination Angler--can't be beat for the broad diversity of topics covered, intelligent dialogue, and depth to which myriad subjects are explored. Sometimes I listen to an episode just to learn more about a particular area or region--even if I never intend to fish there. The host, Steve Haigh, is a consummate professional who seems to effortlessly get his guests to reveal nuggets of fishing insight and wisdom no matter their background.

Phil Rowley is The Man!

Steve, you gave Phil Rowley a great stage and he shared an amazing range of knowledge. Especially interesting was his discussion of British Columbia’s lake stocking strategy — with “Triploid” and “Diploid” genetic variants, and their ability to stock “monocultures” vs. “multi cultures” depending on the competing species in each lake. It was also fascinating to learn how shallow many of the best lakes are in BC/Kamloops/Caribou region. GREAT stuff, Steve, and well hosted! Thanks!

Outfitters tell all

Fascinating guests and Steve know how to ask them all the right questions. You get great fishing info plus some great stories too.

Cost to listen?

With all the cool stories and scenic places on the podcast…yah it’ll cost me to listen for sure! I’m always looking for the next great adventure.

Entertaining and educational

Thanks for all that you do! The podcast is entertaining and educational and I always look forward to the next show!

A must listen

No matter what the topic, this is always a great podcast. Even though my destination is only Brookville, Indiana or Ohio, there is something that bumps my learning curve or something new I want to try. Keep doing what you’re doing. If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, please do yourself a favor, you won’t regret it.

The good stuff

Steve is a fantastic interviewer that asks great questions getting his guests to divulge the information that we as anglers all look for. One episode built enough stoked that I ended up chasing the dream. Keep up the great work and thank you for providing a podcast that continues to deliver.

Episode 65

Wow Steve this was another great one! I really enjoyed your interview with Shane that provided a wealth of knowledge on the history of Yellowstone NP and tips for FF some select streams. Anyone that has been to Yellowstone NP knows it’s a gem!!

Great Podcast

I really enjoy Steve and the content his podcasts! A must for the avid fly fisherman.

Great listen

Steve does a great job interviewing passionate people about fly fishing. As a trip planner and lover of adventure this is a must listen!!

Great podcast

Very informative information from guides, great interviews

Great fly fishing podcast!

Great podcast! Informative and good conversation with locals and guides. Good local fishing beta. I’ve caught fish on rivers I only visit occasionally because of the info here :-) Sadly it spreads the word about some of my favorite spots that aren’t secrets, but aren’t well known or busy. 😎. Shhhhh….

fishing expertise all over the US

Steve interviews fishing guides all over the country. It’s fascinating to hear stories and insights from experts on best spots and top tips learned over each angler’s lifetime of fishing adventures.