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March 23, 2023

Living the Dream in Twin Bridges, Montana with Jerry Kustich

Living the Dream in Twin Bridges, Montana with Jerry Kustich

The Destination Angler Podcast – March 23, 2023

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Our destination is Twin Bridges, Montana otherwise known as trout mecca, with author, expert fly angler, and bamboo rod builder, Jerry Kustich, founder of Sweetgrass Rods.  Some of the most fabled trout streams in the world converge on Twin Bridges—the Ruby, the Big Hole, the Beaverhead, and the Jefferson. 

Ruby River Brown Trout Jerry Kustich with Brown Trout Sweetgrass Rods shop

Jerry has fly-fished these rivers for 30 years while building over 15,000 fly rods for Winston, then Sweetgrass Rods.  He has written books and articles including the classic Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead, Around the Next Bend, and his latest, Holy Water.  Today, he shares strategies for following the hatches, opening up the Ruby up to public access, chasing Alaskan Sheefish, and why the world still needs bamboo rods and how they are made.  Stick around to the end for an experience on the Kamchatka peninsula that cemented Jerry’s heart and soul for primal wilderness areas.   

With host, Steve Haigh 

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Recorded Feb 23, 2023.  Episode 87

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