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Jan. 13, 2022

Redfish Heaven, Texas style with Steve Branch & Joe Sneed, Bay Flats Lodge

Redfish Heaven, Texas style with Steve Branch & Joe Sneed, Bay Flats Lodge

The Destination Angler Podcast – January 13, 2022

Our destination is the middle Texas coast for trophy Redfish with expert guides and fly anglers, Steve Branch & Joe Sneed, Bay Flats Lodge.  Bay Flats Lodge is an all-inclusive hunting and fishing lodge on San Antonio Bay.  What was started in 1998 with a doublewide trailer on a dry patch of ground is now one of the largest fishing lodges on the Texas coast.  Wild and remote, the middle Texas coast is a unique and incredible fishery.  With 100,000 acres of protected national wildlife shoreline, multiple bays and estuaries to explore, and incredible biodiversity, this is one of America’s top destinations for hunting big redfish on the fly. 

Steve Branch grew up hunting and fishing in the Big Thicket of Southeast Texas.   He is a pharmacist by trade but a redfish guide at heart and has been fishing these waters for nearly 30 years.  Joe Sneed, grew up in Alice Texas where he started saltwater fishing at an early age.  He’s been fishing these waters all of his life.    

With Host, Steve Haigh

About Joe Sneed, Steve Branch, and Bay Flats Lodge

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Recorded Dec 30, 2021.  Episode 56.

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