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March 9, 2023

Serenity on the Wild & Scenic Manistee River with Brian “Koz” Kozminski

Serenity on the Wild & Scenic Manistee River with Brian “Koz” Kozminski

The Destination Angler Podcast – March 9, 2023

Our destination is northern Michigan and the wild and Scenic Manistee River with Brian “Koz” Kozminski, owner of True North Trout.  Nestled in the Huron-Manistee National Forest, the Manistee flows over 200 miles where anglers can tangle with big Browns, epic hatches, and superb Salmon and Steelhead runs. 

Manistee River Brown Trout  Fly fishermen Manistee River  Manistee River Brown Trout

Koz has been fly fishing these rivers for over 30 years, but at one time, was tending bar and living on the streets until fly fishing saved him.  Now he runs his guiding business from Boyne City which is ground zero for some of the finest trout fishing in the country.  Koz gives us the rundown on the Manistee from top to bottom along with other great rivers in the area such as the Black, Pigeon, Sturgeon, Maple, the Boardman, and the Jordan.  Stick around to the end for a great story of a Brown Trout so big that Koz thought it was a Salmon.    

With host, Steve Haigh 

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Recorded Feb 9, 2023.  Episode 86

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